Review of Creative Zen Style M100 MP3 Player

I used to love these MP3 players! I have had about six of them starting with a 256MB MuVo. They used to be great -- you put MP3 files in folders and the player played them!

Before the M100 I had a 100. You had to use an awful Windoze GUI to build playlists. That was a nuisance so I wrote a shell script to build the playlists and then it was very easy to use.

This one though is a real dog! I hate it. Here are just some of the things wrong with it:

I've replaced it with a Philips GoGear Vibe

It too has some Windoze software to build playlists. I don't know how bad / good it is because I haven't needed to use it. You put folders of MP3 files on it, select an MP3 (from "folder view") and it gets played. Simple!

It reminds me of my previous Zen Style 100 (no "M", no useless touch screen) but with no playlist hassle.

Its only fault is that it too displays folders and files in physical order rather than in aphabetical order. I used some code from the toZen script to sort that out. I'm going to get another one to avoid shopping when this one falls off its perch.